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Ramblings and ruminations on chess in Milwaukee,

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...certain people do improve their chess. In the main though these people are smaller than grown-ups. Children seem to have no problem improving their chess and I do not believe that this is due to a greater capacity for hard work. The key is that adults become stubborn. They refuse to keep their minds open - especially on the chess board.

 — David Norwood


Since 1999…

…I’ve been finding chess bits to write about on the web. Through the years, The Chessmill has changed. I’ve done many design refreshes, changed the software behind the site three times, and once (back in 2002) scrapped everything and started over (that experience taught me never to do that again).

The subject is still chess, but frankly the current sad state of of the national and international governing bodies leaves me cold, so don’t come here expecting a lot of news about current events in chess politics. I won’t promise never to write about them, but I’m going to be focusing my writing on the history of chess (with special attention to Milwaukee and Wisconsin chess history) as well as advice/instruction about how to play this sometimes frustrating but always beautiful game.

Who am I? I’ve been an organizer, and have organized some of the strongest events ever to be held in Wisconsin. I’ve been a politician, and have sat on the state board and chaired a national committee. I’ve been a scholastic chess coach, and my teams have brought back trophies from state and national championships. I’ve had students in the top 100 lists for their age group.

These days, I’m just Arlen, and I play chess.