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The importance of opening theory is grossly overestimated. Obviously, the knowledge of opening moves comes in handy when setting up a chess game, but this knowledge alone does not bring universal happiness. After this, you still have to play chess, and for that, other things will crop up.

 — Herman Grooten


Arpad Elo Interview

Posted by Arlen on Jul 10, 2010

We continue with our plundering of Wisconsin chess history by reaching back into the longest-published of all the local chess periodicals, Badger Chess, for this interview with Arpad Elo, conducted by Dave Brimble

Killing Chess

Posted by Arlen on May 07, 2010

Someone at FIDE has (re)discovered the ultimate way to kill off chess or at least any chance of it gained public attention.

From the mouth of the latest FIDE “Cheif Executive Officer – Development” has come the absolutely silly idea “…free data broadcasting, which is not always precise and correct, will never help the development of interest towards chess and its commercial success.”

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Organizers to World Champion: Sod Off

Posted by Arlen on Apr 21, 2010

It's not enough to defeat his challenger Topalov. World Champion Viswanathan Anand now has to be able to control volcanoes as well, it seems.

The volcanic ash blanketing Europe grounded air travel, so what was to have been a flight of a few hours has turned into a multi-day automobile trip. So the World Champion asked, please, if he could get the preparation days the extra travel time was going to cost him back, by delaying the start of the match by three days.

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Chess And Poker

Posted by Arlen on Apr 15, 2010

Chess and gambling have always been related. More than a century ago you could find a major chess tournament at a casino, and over the years the trend continued. Even today, From Foxwoods to Monte Carlo, you can find them together.

So why hasn't chess learned from poker?

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Vale, Vasily

Posted by Arlen on Apr 13, 2010

Vasily Smyslov has died

Age finally has caught up to the ageless wonder. He made his first challenge for the world championship in 1948 in the match-tournament held to replace Alekhine after his death. He finished second to Botvinnik then. Later he played three matches with Botvinnik, tieing the first match in 1953, winning the next one in 1956, and finally losing the third in 1957. Over that three-match stretch, he compiled a +1 margin over Botvinnik.

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