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Don't look at chess this way because it is romantic. It is, but look at chess this way because it is the way to win. Contrary to the general notion, a positional advantage -- that is, a better disposition of your forces generally -- is always easier to exploit than an equivalent advantage in material, even for the weakest player.

 — C. J. S. Purdy

1958 - Benko Caps A Good Year

Once again in the Venetian Room of the Hotel Astor; it was the fifth time the tournament had been held here. This time it was won outright by Benko, who was having a very good year this year.

Players and cities 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Points
1 P. BENKO, New York City W37 W14 W50 W11 W6 W13 D2 6.5300
2 I. THEODOROVITCH, Toronto W64 W33 W40 D25 W4 W6 D1 6.0262
3 P. TAUTVAISAS, Chicago W58 L16 W38 W33 W50 W10 Wl4 6.0235
4 S. POPEL, Detroit W24 W15 W12 W19 L2 D5 W21 5.5260
5 R. KIRBY, Cnicago W56 W26 L6 W22 W17 D4 D11 5.0212
6 Al SANDRIN, Chicago W66 W20 W5 W16 L1 L2 W29 5.0210
7 J. TUMS, Chicago W59 L25 W62 W35 W15 D18 D12 5.0197
8 C. HENIN, Chicago W57 W32 L25 W31 D43 W44 D13 5.0187
9 C. ADAMS Chicago W49 L50 L26 W64 W37 W33 W25 5.0185
10 N. KAMPARS, Milwaukee W72 D29 W54 D17 W16 L3 W31 5.0182
11 M. TURIANSKY, Chicago W45 W81 W76 L1 W20 D12 D5 5.0181
12 K. JAKSTAS, Chicago W47 W71 L4 W37 W51 D11 D7 5.0180
13 C. BRASKET, Minneapolis D51 W75 W42 W28 W25 L1 D8 5.0175
14 V. KOSTIC, Gary, Ind. W77 L1 W45 W40 W18 W43 L3 5.0170
15 D. HALLMAN, Garden City NY W85 L4 W72 W47 L7 W51 W26 5.0140
16 S. 0LESEN, Chicago W80 W3 W18 L6 L10 W35 D24 4.5187
17 W. KAISER, St. Paul, Minn. W65 W22 D28 D10 L5 W36 D19 4.5182
18 M. ROGAN, Chicago W62 W35 L16 W32 L14 D7 W41 4.5170
19 M. OTTES0N, Minneapolis W53 W43 W52 L4 D26 D25 D17 4.5157
20 A. ELO, Brookfield, Wis. W70 L6 W60 W52 L11 D23 W39 4.5142
21 B. PEHNEC, Elkhart, Ind. D75 L52 W87 W42 W41 W29 L4 4.5140
22 Ang SANDRIN, Chicago W78 L17 W64 L5 D62 W40 W43 4.5135
23 J. HALSER, Milwaukee L27 W68 L31 W79 W76 D20 W44 4.5132
24 I. SCHWARTZ, Rockford, Ill L4 W85 W79 L26 W74 W52 D16 4.5102
25 J. VIROVATZ, Milwaukee W46 W7 W8 D2 L13 D19 L9 4.0187
26 R. KAEGI, Chicago W83 L5 W9 W24 D19 D27 L15 4.0157
27 H. MEIFERT, Milwaukee W23 D42 D51 L29 W58 D26 D32 4.0147
28 H. KALNINS, Kalamazoo, Mich W60 W31 D17 L13 L29 D42 W64 4.0140
29 W. GROMBACHER, Chicago W84 D10 D30 W27 W28 L21 L6 4.0136
30 E. BUERGER. Wilmette, Ill. W34 D54 D29 L43 L44 W62 W59 4.0135
31 A. MIHAILICHENKO, Chicago W61 L28 W23 L8 W73 W50 L10 4.0125
32 M. MASLOVITZ, Chicago W74 L8 W55 L18 W53 D39 D27 4.0117
33 C. WELDON, Milwaukee W69 L2 W36 L3 W78 L9 W53 4.0116
34 F. PFISTER, Milwaukee L30 W67 L35 D83 W46 D38 W50 4.0115
35 V. PALCIAUSKAS, Cicero, Ill. W86 L18 W34 L7 W47 L16 W55 4.0110
36 S. COHEN, Chicago W87 L40 L33 W75 W72 L17 W60 4.0095
37 A. MENGELIS, Chicago L1 W77 W74 L12 L9 W78 W52 4.0090
38 K. MOTT-SMITH, Evanston, Ill. D48 W38 L3 D71 D40 D34 D45 3.5121
39 L. RATERMAN, Iowa City, Iowa L40 L38 W48 W54 W45 D32 L20 3.5120
40 K. GRANT, Cedar Rapids, Ia. W39 W36 L2 L14 D38 L22 W70 3.5117
41 K. JANKAUSKAS, Chicago L52 D63 W59 W46 L21 W48 L18 3.5115
42 F. SKOFF, Chicago W67 D27 L13 L21 W70 D28 D47 3.5107
43 N. LEOPOLDI, Chicago W79 L19 W73 W30 D8 L14 L22 3.5106
44 M. ROHLAND, Milwaukee L73 D87 W56 W70 W30 L8 L23 3.5105
45 R. GOLLA, Chicago L11 W69 L14 W55 L39 W61 D38 3.5102
46 W. KARPUSKA, Chicago L25 D59 W63 L41 L34 W65 W71 3.5100
47 G. JOHNSON, Chicago L12 W88 W81 L15 L35 W66 D42 3.5088
48 A. DINDONIS, Tecumseh, Mich D38 L51 L39 W63 W83 L41 W67 3.5087
49 E. GUTMANIS, Chicago L9 L55 W86 L53 W81 D57 W51 3.5075
50 R. DITRICHS, Iowa City, Ia W55 W9 L1 W58 L3 L31 L34 3.0110
51 R. FINEGOLD, Detroit D13 W48 D27 W76 L12 L15 L49 3.0106
52 J. HARTIGAN, Elkhart, Ind W41 W21 L19 L20 W71 L24 L37 3.0105
53 E. OLINS, Milwaukee L19 L79 W68 W49 L32 W54 L33 3.0095
54 O. WEHRLEY, Milwaukee W68 D30 L10 L39 D59 L53 W73 3.0086
55 F. CRAMER, Milwaukee L50 W49 L32 L45 W79 W58 L35 3.0085
56 E. ROZKALNS, Waukesa, Wis L5 D83 L44 W65 D67 D71 D62 3.0078
57 L. GAIGALS, Wauwatosa, Wis L8 L74 W82 L73 W68 D49 D63 3.0077
58 H. WHEELER, Chicago L3 W80 W65 L50 L27 L55 W72 3.0075
59 C. GARDNER, Milwaukee L7 D46 L41 W87 D54 W74 L30 3.0072
60 C. BURTON. St. Louis L28 W61 L20 L74 W82 W76 L36 3.0070
61 W. PLEISS., Oak Park, Ill. L31 L60 L77 W69 W75 L45 W78 3.O065
62 V. LIEPASKALNS, Milwaukee L18 W86 L7 W77 D22 L36 D56 3.0062
63 H. SMITH, Elkhart, Ind L76 D41 L46 L48 W84 W83 D57 3.0057
64 D. CLARK, Milwaukee L2 W82 L22 L9 W80 W73 L28 3.0056
65 R. ANDERSON, Milwaukee L17 W78 L58 L56 W77 L46 W83 3.0055
66 A. DOMSKY, Racine, Wis L6 L70 W69 L78 W85 L47 W74 3.0054
67 W. SCHUMAN, Sheboygan, Wis L42 L34 W85 W81 D56 D72 L48 3.0037
68 D. GRANT, Chicago L54 L23 L53 W86 L57 W85 W75 3.0035
69 R. FITZGERALD, Milwaukee L33 L45 L66 L61 W87 W86 W77 3.0025
70 W. BUTLER Evanston, Ill. L20 W66 D71 L44 L42 W81 L40 2.5067
71 C. HENDERSON, Lake Villa Ill. W88 L12 D70 D38 L52 D56 L46 2.5060
72 M. SEMB, Winona, Minn L1O W84 L15 W80 L36 D67 L58 2.5042
73 J. OBERG, Racine, Wis W44 L76 L43 W57 L31 L64 L54 2.0065
74 W. WILSON, Muwonago, Wis L32 W57 L37 W60 L24 L59 L66 2.0060
75 B. PALUCIUS, Waukegan D21 L13 D83 L36 L61 W80 L68 2.0061
76 F. CABOT, Sturgeon Bay, Wis W63 W73 L11 L51 L23 L60 ... 2.0050
77 R. MALISON, St. Louis L14 L37 W61 L62 L65 W82 L69 2.0045
78 H. MAYER, Chicago L22 L65 W84 W66 L33 L37 L61 2.0041
79 W. BARTELS, Oshkosh, Wis L43 W53 L24 L23 L55 L84 W85 2.0040
80 R. LANDOLT, Milwaukee L16. L58 W88 L72 L64 L75 W84 2.0025
81 F. INBUSCH, Milwauke W82 L11 L47 L67 L49 L70 W86 2.0020
82 J. BIKULCIUS, Cicero L81 L64 L57 W88 L60 L77 Bye 2.0015
83 P. WEBSTER, Oshkosh L26 D56 D75 D34 L48 L63 L65 1.5045
84 W. OTTESON, Milwaukee L29 L72 L78 L85 L63 W79 L80 l.0020
85 J. CHOBOT, Milwaukee L15 L24 L67 W84 L66 L68 L79 1.0010
86 G. NOWAK, West Allis, Wis L35 L62 L49 L68 W88 L69 L81 1.0000
87 R. SCHAUER, Neenah, Wis L36 D44 L21 L59 L69 ... ... 0.5016
88 G. DeBRUIN, Milwaukee L71 L47 L80 L82 L86 ... ... 0.0000

The three extra digits at the end of the scores are the tiebreak points: Sonnenborn-Berger, Solkoff, and Median, in order.

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